Friday, September 24, 2010

Tips for Perfect Bangs

We understand that attempting a hairstyle with bangs can be both intimidating and tricky! It's these small hairs that either accentuate your face, or look completely abrupt. With bangs present at the most recent Fall Fashion Week 2010 in New York City, we image that many females will be attempting this look for the new season. So, before you snip.. check out these tips..

Side-Swept Bang

1. Try sleek, side-swept bangs. Not everyone needs bangs to be cut straight across. If you have layered hair, try a bang like this.. it will add some pizzaz to your hairstyle without changing it entirely.

Rounded Bang
2. Transform the typical across-the-forehead bang into something trendy and edgy like Mary J. Blige's! Ask your stylist to curve your bangs when cutting them, so that the outer edges are longer than the middle. This will keep the bangs looking fresh and natural, and therefore prevents them from looking too severe.

Highlighted Bang
3. When adding highlights, be careful of this area! There is a fine line between edgy and processed-looking. Do like Michelle Williams did and go for highlights that are not too big and not too bright, which keep her looking feminine and sophisticated.

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