Friday, January 28, 2011

Winterize your hair routine…

Amika is based in NYC and we are in the midst of a record breaking snowy, blistery winter. During the winter, our hair requires special attention because with the cold it becomes ultra dry and static prone.

Recently, we had a shoot with hair stylist Michiko Boorberg. Her work can be seen in magazines such as Interview, New York Magazine and Vanity Fair to name a few. She was working magic on the models in our studio so we asked her to give us some tips for giving our stressed winter hair a little TLC.

Michiko’s tips for happy winter hair:

  1. Deep conditioning is a great idea. Try a hair masque once a week or more if your hair is very dry. Hair will look healthier and shinier and it will help prevents split ends. Perfect product: Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask.
  2. When you wash your hair, condition but go the extra mile with a leave in conditioning cream as well. Leave in creams lock in moisture and will tame static and frizz. Perfect product: Obliphica Leave In Cream.
  3. Applying a light oil or serum will protect hair against environmental damages. You can use a serum everyday to smooth your hair and protect it against over-styling. Amika Argan Oil Serum is light weight and won’t weigh your hair down. Perfect Product: Amika nourishing Argan Oil Serum.
  4. Scarves create lots of tangles along the hairline. Brushing and detangling will help but the right conditioner is important as well. A moisturizing conditioner will keep your hair silky smooth all winter long. Perfect product: Obliphica Hydrate Conditioner.

Stay warm!