Friday, February 25, 2011

Snooki's Zebra Print Hair Tool, is it Amika?

I was catching up on my Jersey Shore this week. I always have to watch it online because when I see 1 episode I get addicted and have to watch 2 -3 more in a row. Guess what is the first thing that Snooki did when she got out of jail? Straighten her hair with a Zebra Print Styler!

In episode 16, Snooki goes on a 24 hour drinking bender, face plants in the sand a few times and gets carried off the beach by 3 police men, resulting in her arrest. So in episode 17, "Free Snooki" she gets released, comes home and cleans herself up. She sits down for a heart to heart with Jenni and begins straightening her hair. I was excited to see she is using what appears to be the Amika zebra print Ceramic Styler.

I have to say it is kind of the best I have seen her hair looking. It looks really shiny and frizz free. I actually prefer it to the pouf and big curls she usually wears out. What do you think?

So for all you girls who are wondering "what is the zebra print flat iron Snooki is using???" It looks like it could be the Zebra Print Styler by Amika you can get it here: