Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dior, YSL, Bally, Cavallli... Get the Look from these Campaigns recently did a post on how to achieve the hair looks from the latest advertising campaigns for Dior, Bally, YSL and Roberto Cavalli. We loved the post but we wanted to give you additional instructions so that you can get the looks with your amika™ tools as well.

Adorable Karlie Kloss looks almost dangerous in the newest Dior campaign. Her voluminous curls can be achieved using the amika™ Tourmaline Clip Free Curler. Put a small amount of amika™ Curl Defining Cream in your palms and massage through dry hair. Section the hair and curl each piece from root to end. Roll curls into pin curls, secure with a bobby pin and let cool. Once you have finished your all of your sections, take down the curls and tousle them slightly.

Get this super sleek, super straight side part from the Bally campaign. Prep the hair by applying the amika™ Obliphica Nourishing Hair Mask to wet hair, let it works its magic for 10 - 15 mins and then rinse your hair completely. The mask will add shine to your hair and help smooth fly-aways. Blow your hair straight and go over any stubborn waves with the amika™ 100% Ceramic Styler.

Add a retro effect to your bob with the amika™ 100% Ceramic Styler. Part your hair at the temple. Take a section of hair and gently close the amika™ styler on your hair about 4 inches away from the scalp. Rotate the Styler away from your head 90 degrees. Hold it in place to set the curl then move the styler about 4 inches down the length of hair and rotate it 90 degrees, this time in the opposite direction, to finish the wave. Continue down the length of your hair. Make the look ultra glamorous with a light misting of amika™ Obliphica Finishing Shine Spray.

The hair in the latest Roberto Cavalli reflects its wild styling, the curls are unruly and have a natural look. Refinery29 suggested taking a small section of hair and wrapping it around a curler from mid-shaft to the ends. Once the curl is set you release and wrap it in the opposite direction to create a flat S-shaped curl which mimics the shape of a natural curl. Use a wide barrel clip free curling wand like the amika™ 25mm Tourmaline Curler.

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