Friday, April 22, 2011

Salon Stalker: Deluxe Salon Brooklyn

We love hair. So naturally, we love salons! Each week we will profile a new hair hot spot in NYC. Our first stop: Deluxe Salon in Brooklyn.

Deluxe sits on a populated yet calm corner of Williamsburg at Roebling and N. 4th Streets. Two oversize doors open up the space on either side allowing sunshine and breezes to flow in. The open layout creates a cool atmosphere especially this time of year when it begins to heat up and we all can't wait to get outside. It also makes for some entertaining people-watching while enjoying services.

We had a chance to talk to Joy the owner of the salon. Deluxe has been operating for about 7 years. She said the team is composed of chill group of highly trained stylists minus the attitude. Their specialties: really awesome blow outs and they know how to cut with a razor, properly. The have a full range of services and do as many male clients as they do female. All of the stylists are working on set as well as in the salon, they do editorial work for magazines including Oakazine and Working Class.

We inquired about what NYC girls are asking for in terms of styles and services now. According to Joy, her clients are looking for a hair look that is not overdone but is polished. They also want something that doesn't take ages to style. We can relate and are always looking for tricks to streamline our morning hair routine.

Overall the space has a relaxed atmosphere and great feedback from clients online. Check it out!

Stalker Faves: Beautiful space. Great Vibe. Open 7 days a week. Complimentary bang trims.

Deluxe Salon
211 N. 4th Street at Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Deluxe on Facebook