Saturday, May 21, 2011

Salon Stalker: Graceland

Recently, we have become enchanted by Graceland Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We paid them a visit and talked to owner Corvette Hunt to learn more about this stylish, Hair Salon cum Tattoo Parlor.

Here's 411: When Corvette and his partners Bethany and Paul opened Graceland, they sought to create a boutique salon experience, "We hand picked each stylist for their specialty and designed our service around the concept that we offer new clients the perfect stylist matched to their hair needs. This is a very easy process, however it is a rare practice in many Salons." said Hunt.

They have six stylists, each with unique expertise.

Bethany - Master of the Man cut any era, classic to modern, any texture, facial hair much appreciated! Not only a cutter but expert eye for style and transformation.

Corvette - Absolutely hair texture obsessed. Long layers wavy, or straight, tousled or polished. Every piece of hair falls perfectly in place, enhancing facial features and bone structure... Supermodel!

Josh - Brilliantly combines barbering skills with hairdressing creating edgy and yet classic men's cuts. He is also a color expert and developed a personalized and highly popular baylayage highlighting technique!

Kimberly- She does gorgeous precision hair cutting, and highlights is responsible for many bombshell blondes!

Jenn - Brilliant colors are her specialty... She also does really fantastic modern short cuts on both men and women.

Julie - Does everything at lightning speed. Best rock and roll cutting on the block!

Where did the idea to have hair and tattoos in one salon come from?

The tattoo artists were our good friends. We were interested in the idea of sharing a creative space. The original idea was more focused on working environment and creative synergy, than a business plan idea.

When we did research for the idea we learned that some of the first tattoo artists in America secretly worked in the back of beauty parlors or barber shops, so actually it wasn't an entirely new concept.

Is there much of a difference between the environment in a Manhattan salon vs. Brooklyn?

More Space = more freedom. I feel some of the available locations for opening a business in Brooklyn are more ideal artistically. Opening our shop totally changed the aesthetic of the block. It is like having a business in SoHo in the 80's or Tribeca in the 90's - a lot of uncharted territory. The possibilities are limitless, but you really have to be on the very top of your game to bring your Manhattanites over that bridge with you. Its really exciting to see a lot of our friends doing the same thing.

What are some of your favorite cuts to do on women?

All cuts! Nothing is cliche, outdated or boring... As long as you make it sexy! Inspiration is in everything! Anybody who really wants custom, quality work finds us and stays with us.

I saw on a post online that you went on tour with Madonna. Do you have any antidotes from that experience? Anything Madge taught you about hair?

Ha! Yes, I've done two world tours with Madonna. I love her! The first thing that really affects you when you enter her team is that everyone is one thousand percent on their A game. Her work ethic is very infectious, you need to bring the same dedication that she does every day. I learned that everything is possible; if the idea is there, large amounts of hard work will make it happen.

Stalker Faves: Creative Energy, Custom Cuts, Rustic Antiquarian Decor

Graceland Brooklyn
677 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-7677