Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Salon Stalker: Wonderland Beauty Parlor

Hairstylist Michael Angelo's work has been captured by photographers such as Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, and Inez and Vinoodh, and has appeared on the covers and in the pages of nearly every major fashion magazine, including Vogue, Elle, Allure, V and Numero. He has worked with celebrities, musicians, actors and supermodels, such as Susan Sarandon, Carmen Kass, Angella Lindvall, Dita von Teese, Brooklyn Decker and Beyoncé. Recently he transformed a meat packing district space into a glossy beauty playground. We asked him some questions about his salon, Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

amika: Love the concept for the salon fusing creativity and beauty in a playful way. What is the atmosphere like in the salon on a day to day basis? What can guests expect to see?

Michael Angelo: One of the most wonderful things about Wonderland is how much the atmosphere changes day to day and season to season. Wonderland's hair salon was built to serve everyone, not just models and celebs. Depending on the time and day you'll meet neighborhood moms, CEO's, producers, supermodels, artists & designers & musicians, and most exciting for me, beauty industry insiders, who seem to have a knack for feeding me all of the industry secrets : )

amika: The day we stopped by you were preparing for an art opening. Who do you show in your space?

Michael Angelo: The art on our walls varies seasonally, so you may see a show from Syracuse Uni's Printmaking Department on one visit and a series of vintage ice cream ads the next. It's constantly evolving which keeps me feeling inspired!

amika: What are some of the specialties that set this salon apart from others (besides the uber-talented staff of course)? Are there any signature services you offer?

Michael Angelo: What sets us apart is our understanding of personal style. It's not about just skillful cutting, coloring or making up. It's also about understanding our guests taste & lifestyle and directing their energy into finding a look that makes good sense for them. Whether that's the color of the moment or the most classical cut, we really strive to work with folks to develop their own allure.

amika: What are you customers asking for? Is there a request that is hot right now? Red hair? A fringe?

Michael Angelo: Reds are so hot right now. And short, boyish cuts that can be glammed up for evening. It's like being in the early 90's all over again! It's fun for me because that's really where my career began, and I know the references like the back of my hand. I'm waiting for a return of the supers! Linda, Christy, Claudia... Who will be the new "chosen ones"?

amika: What are some things that inspire you creatively right now?

Michael Angelo: 1960's Italian Cinema, old school Steven Meisel & Peter Lindbergh, lip stains, roller sets, Madonna's SEX book, and I've been obsessed by this blog

amika: Going to check out that Tumblr blog and revisit my Antonioni DVDs :-). Thanks for talking to us.

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Wonderland Beauty Parlor

418 W. 13th
NY, NY 10014