Saturday, July 2, 2011

Women Who Rock Vol. 1: Jenna Hannon Action Sports Goddess

Recently, we came across the website for Jenna Hannon and were blown away! She counts kitesurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, biking, wakeboarding, skiing AND modeling among her talents. We had to learn more about this self-confessed "adrenaline junkie."

amika: How did you get started in extreme sports?

Jenna: Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, making use of the snow was only natural. I started skiing at 5. Although, in saying this, I played a ton of team sports from basketball, volleyball and even badminton at a very competitive level, limiting my extreme factor up until college. 

It wasn't until freshman year of college when I joined the USC Ski & Snowboard team that the extreme sports snowball effect happened. I was snowboarding a bunch and competing in boardercross. Being in that crew I just kept getting introduced to one action sport after another. It was actually two boys from the ski team that introduced me to kiteboarding. 

Most people get to college and get their thrills off partying. I got mine from adrenaline rushes. Same difference really— and the equivalent amount of bruises!

amika: Where has your sport taken you? Have you gotten to visit some exotic destinations?

Jenna: My sports have already taken me beyond my original goal of 'go outside and have fun.' I just got back from Maui a few weeks ago. This year I went to Oregon, Utah (snow kiting), and North Carolina for kiteboarding. Montana, Aspen, Copper Mountain, Mammoth, and Utah for snowboarding. I spend everyday in Malibu, California— which is paradise when you come from the prairies. 

This Fall will be hitting Australia, Dominican Republic and possibly Necker Island. Once you develop the kiting bug, travel is the only logical next step.

amika: Do you have an exercise regimen to keep you strong for these sports?

Jenna: I work out like a fanatic! I love fitness and I always have. I do the stairs in Santa Monica twice a week, I do yoga twice a week, I jog, stand up paddle, surf. And this is not including skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, and kiting. I wake up at six every morning. I tend to be a bit hyper!

amika: Wow I am tired just thinking about it :-p. How often do you practice?

Jenna: That is a funny question because I never think of it as practice. I am on a board everyday, whether it is a skateboard, snowboard, kiteboard, surfboard, stand up paddle board, or wakeboard. (Actually, I lied. Sometimes I ski or telemark. So let me re-phrase that to on a plank everyday).

amika: You’re exposed to lots of wind, surf and sun? Do you have any beauty rituals that you swear by?

Jenna: You can't imagine the beauty difficulties these activities create. I haven't had all ten toe nails since I can remember. I think bruises and scars are a great conversation starter, but I have cancelled modeling gigs due to black eyes from snowboarding!

The key for my hair and skin is moisture. I go through tons and tons of coconut oil, deep conditioners and hair masques. You really can not get enough moisture when you are in the salt water this much. 

As far as sun, I am a bit over cautious. I am leaning on the side of protect now over Botox later! I wear clear zinc on my face always. Although, I am known to have a pretty severe wetsuit tan all season long with tan hands and feet and a white body!

amika: I am putting some Obliphica Oil Treatment and Nourishing Mask in the mail to you today! :-) The last and most important question, what advice do you have for girls and women that wish to pursue a sport or passion that is male dominated? 

Jenna: No shame. In action sports you are going to fall down and you are going to look like a fool sometimes. Laugh it off, get back out there and play! It is all about having fun. Skill level is never an issue as everyone started at some point. I started skateboarding a year ago and when I first showed up at the skatepark I couldn't even stand on a board. Now I can grind! My best advice for starting, wear pink and smile big. The combination makes lessons free!

amika: That is advice a bit of I am going to take! What is a better time than this summer to get out there and try.

Learn more about Jenna on her website. And connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.