Saturday, December 31, 2011

How are you wearing your hair tonight? Here is a look to try: The Bardot

Bridgett Bardot's famous sexy, tousled hair is timeless. Lucky for you, we've got a tutorial on a modern take of the Bardot using amika products!

1. When hair is damp spritz some volumizer onto the roots - Try the 2 in 1 Volumizing and Styling Spray
2. Flip hair and blow dry upside down to give it more volume - Use the NRG Professional Drying System
3. Flip hair back up and then curl random strands with a big barrel curling wand in alternating directions - We recommend the 25mm Tourmaline Curler
4. Lightly tease the crown of your hair and then grab two large sections of hair from each side. Pull those sections back and then gently push upward before you pin hair in place.
6. Finish everything off with a light spray of the Obliphica Finishing Shine Spray and you're done!

Disclaimer: This tutorial was rewritten from for our amika users