Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to get editorial curls from hair stylist Rich Magana

Do you ever wish you could replicate hairstyles from magazines? Well, hair stylist, Rich Magana gives us details on exactly how to get the Polished Effortless Curls from this fashion story in Bunker Hill Magazine:

Step 1: Prep
I put a few drops of the Obliphica oil in my hand. I rubbed my hands together and then gently combed the oil through my models hair for shine and to help defrizz.

Step 2: Section and Curl 
I sectioned the hair out in three sections: mohawk, sides and back.

I took pyramid shaped sub-sections and curled them using the 19mm and 32 mm for natural polished look. Each section was curled in a specific direction. For the back section, the curls were curled down. For the mohawk section, the sub-sections were curled back. The sub-sections at the side were curled on an angle for that flowy curl.

I sprayed the curl with amika Rice Spray and pinned each curl and set for 30 mins. Finally I released the curl and brushed through with my fingers.

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