Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Beachy Waves + Amika


Summer is almost here and it's no secret that we all want to have effortless flowing locks. We've got the perfect DIY for you to help got those sexy beach waves. This tutorial is so easy and will give your hair shiny waves that will stand up to that crazy beach weather! 

We recommend starting off with second day hair (it will hold the curl better than freshly washed strands).

What you'll need:

Amika Heat Defense Serum
32mm Tourmaline Curler
Obliphica Oil Treatment

Step 1 Prep hair with a quarter size amount of the Amika Heat Defense Serum
Step 2 Section hair into two and clip
Step 3 Wrap hair around the largest barrel (32mm) away from the face and hold for approximately 15 seconds
Step 4 Repeat step 3 throughout entire head
Step 5 Rub Obliphica Oil Treatment into palm of hands then run fingers through the ends of hair.
Step 6 As you finish with the oil make sure to break apart any defined curls into waves