Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Get a 60's Inspired Look with The Obliphica Blow Up Spray

60's hair is all about volume(think Bridget Bardot). The best way to get this look is with the new Obliphica Blow Up Spray

Annastasia of Michael Angelo Wonderland Beauty Parlor in NYC shows us exactly how to get the look step by step:

Here's how to get the look:

Step 1 Prep hair with Obliphica Blow Up Spray

Step 2 Blow dry hair smooth

Step 3 Section hair from temple to temple at the top of the head 

Step 4 Grab Section 2-3 inches in length and begin to tease using 5 short strokes at the base and then another 5 longer strokes as you work towards the end of the hair. Repeat throughout entire section.

Step 5 Repeat teasing method to two sections on each side of head

Step 6 Loosely smooth teased hair back with comb top layers back to develop desired shape.

Step 7 Finish with Obliphica Blow Up Spray 

Modern Salon captured the "how - to" on video - check it out:

Now that we've given you all the techniques, get out there and rock that volume!