Monday, August 20, 2012

Chloe Moretz is the Hair Chameleon

There is nothing worse than going to buy a magazine and being bombarded by the same face being repeated on every cover (with only slight tweeks). This may not be true for everyone but there are certain celebs (even models) that rarely if ever deviate from their “signature look.” (Point made, everyone looks great with long loose curls). They always look insanely stunning and glamorous, true, but a real hair chameleon will surprise you every time with their spontaneous “re-dos.” Chloe Moretz isn’t afraid to change things up when it comes to her hair. Admittedly, like most, she does have what we would consider to be a “signature look” that being her go to blonde beachy-waves. But what we love about Chloe is her fearlessness when it comes to her deviating from her usual look. Chloe would be our ideal model for any photoshoot because she seems more than willing to experiment with new length, color, styles, textures, makeup. Even though these editorial looks aren’t meant to be permanent, we admire anyone who is willing to try on a new look for the sake of fashion! She’s so young and yet we’ve seen so many variations of her already (on the screen and in print), way to NOT [box yourself in]. Kudos to you Chloe!

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