Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stylist Spotlight: Kaitlin Candella

Salon Name & Location: Freelance (NY, DC, VA) and currently working with Avenue 42 Style Studio, Richmond, VA
Avenue 42 Salon (interior)
How and why did you get into the industry? My best friend was going to an Aveda Institute and I decided to leave college and go with her!
What is your favorite part about being a stylist? Creating new things, recycling trends, perfecting the classics.
Who are your beauty idols? Any super model who looks beautiful without makeup!
Where do you get your hair & beauty inspiration from? The streets! People watching. Art. Magazines.
What is your Drug Store beauty secret? Bio Oil, love it!
What beauty product or service do you splurge on? Obsessed with eye lash extensions for a while, pedicures always.
How do you feel about the DIY revolution & how has it affected your business? It is great to see people trying to get creative, frustrating to hear that people who are not professionally trained think it is that easy to do it on their own!
What hair myth do you want to put to rest? If you pull a grey hair more will pop up in it's place. Grey hair will show up when it wants to!
Do you prefer your clients to bring in pictures of how they want their hair cut/dyed/styled? Pictures are always AMAZING. Visual references are best, because what you say and what your client say might mean two totally different things in each of your own minds. Pictures are ALSO a great way to show what your client is NOT looking for.

Who does YOUR hair? Myself!
What hair trends are popular right now? Ombre, ombre, ombre...and beachy waves are still hangin' in there.
What hair trend are you tired of? Badly done Ombre!
What do you think is the next big trend in hair? Fashion colors are making their way back...
How has advanced consumer knowledge affected your business? It is always a plus to meet a new client who has knowledge of the product lines you use or services you are about to do for them. Clients who already know how to use the tools or products are easier to educate on the advantages of using the whole range verses picking and choosing different products from different brands!
What is your favorite amika product or tool and why? The 3p is my original favorite tool! So genius! The Mask is my favorite product.

#ProTips: Use the mask for wild curly hair! Before getting out of the shower run a quarter size amount through soaking wet hair and blot dry with a towel. Reform curls with your hands and curl cream. Air dry!