Monday, June 3, 2013

amika Destination: NYFW Finalists

We have selected our top finalists for the amika Destination: NYFW competition—and now it’s up to you to join us in selecting a winner! These five finalists have worked to create runway-ready hair looks inspired by their favorite designers for the chance to join the international amika team this September for an all-expense paid trip to New York City. Your votes will decide which stylist will win the trip of a lifetime—a five-day event packed with education, a pro photo shoot, and Fashion Week events.

To Vote: Head to the amika Facebook page, and view the finalist photo submissions in the Destination: NYFW Finalists photo album. Make sure to Like the photo of your favorite entry, as the stylists with the most "Likes" for their runway-ready look will be chosen a the winner.

But before you cast your votes, find out what inspired each look, how they were created, and what amika tools + products each stylist used...
  1. Begin by blow-drying hair while using the Power Cloud Dryer and  Straight Up Smoothing Balm
  2. Next, after using the Heat Defense Serumr, part the hair and hold it up with the Straightening Tension Comb and create curls with the 25mm Barrel Curler.
  3. After the entire hair is curled, secure with Touchable Hairspray, and straighten hair along the hair line with the Titanium Glide Obliphica Styler.
  4. Section hair and begin to braid on the side.
  5. Finish this look by adding a flower for summer, and once again spray Touchable Hairspray to secure. 
  1. Prep the hair with Straight Up Smoothing Balm.
  2. Blow dry the hair using the amika Power Cloud, and infuse hair with the Oil Treatment
  3. Curl hair using the 32mm Tourmaline Curler
  4. Using the Touchable Hair Spray to set, brush and mold hair into a high bun. 
  5. Apply additional Straight Up Smoothing Balm to the hair, before using a hair extension to finish the base of the bun. 
  1. Begin by prepping the hair with Blow Up Spray and Oil Treatment
  2. Spray hair with Perk Up Dry Shampoo and texturize using the Titanium Glide Obliphica Styler
  3. Use bobby pins to create zig-zagged figure-8s into the hair. 
  4. Backcomb to add body and shape, and use Touchable Hairspray to hold the look in place. 
  5. Finally, create a fishtail side-braid, and once completed, pull pieces from the final look to make the style look undone. 

  1. Create a center part at the top of the crown, while separating hair from ear to ear into neatly clipped and secure sections. Apply Heat Defense Serum to each section. 
  2. Beginning at the nape of neck, using the 3P Triple Barrel Curler, take 1" sections and soft-set the hair—working up to the crown and repeat on the sides.
  3. When curls are set, remove the clips, shake out the curls, and gently run fingers through hair.
  4. Create a diagonal ear-to-ear part, and clip sections upwards.
  5. Securely clip the back of the style up, to ensure it will not interfere while styling the front section.
  6. Begin with the right side, and back comb the hair from the inside, and smooth with comb out brush and begin to roll inward to create first victory roll. 
  7. Repeat on other side. 
  8. Take down the hair in the back and slightly back comb hair to create volume. 
  9. Set the look with Touchable Hairspray

  1. After prepping the hair with Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Oil Treatment, use the 25/28mm Curler to create curls.
  2. Take two diagonal partings from recession to just in front of the ear, and style a fishtail braid. Smooth the braid with Leave In Cream
  3. Tease hair at the crown and spray with Touchable Hairspray.
  4. Begin to pin hair at the sides, and then take sections from bottom, and gently (and randomly) pin hair until it is all up—creating a draping effect.
  5. Finish the look with Touchable Hairspray.