Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To: From Working Out to Working In

Yes, it's hard to hear that alarm go off early in the morning.. but we salute those of you ladies who wake up early to hit the gym before work!

The payoff: keeping healthy, the challenge: getting ready.

Here are some simple hairstyles for your dash to the office post workout.

High Ponytail

1. Slick back hair into high ponytail
2. Secure another hair tie approximately halfway down the ponytail

Slicked Back Sides

1. Part hair into three large sections
2. Pull the two side sections back, secure with pins
3. Tease the top section and comb back, hairspray to place

Headband with Long Braid

1. Pull hair back, and loosely braid beginning at the nape of your neck
2. Secure with a hair tie
3. Add a soft elastic headband, or headscarf, covering any hair in front and a small portion of the forehead

Bottom Twist

1. Part hair to one side (which ever direction you find most comfortable)
2. Pull hair back and downward (holding at the nape of the neck)
3. From the nape of neck, begin twisting hair (clockwise) until the entire strand is rope-like and tight
4. Holding the tip of the twisted hair, lift upward, allowing hair to naturally form a "u" shape
5. Secure twist with your choice of pin or clip at ear-level