Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair Recap: Emmy Awards 2010

The Emmy Awards 2010.. watch it.. love it.. copy it!

Ah, don't we all love award shows? It's one of those things we watch not necessarily for the award-winners themselves.. but for the mix of glamourous, outrageous, and trendy fashions. In honor of this celebrity celebration, we're hosting our own.. with an Emmy Award recap of our favorite red-carpet hairstyles! For the next few days, check our blog for tips on how to copycat celebrity hairstyles according to your hair length and texture.


Hair Length: Short

How To:
1. Part your hair to the side you are most comfortable with.
Tip: Use a zig-zag part instead of a straight one for a more playful, tousled look.

2. Grab a section of hair that is approximately 1" wide

3. Using your Amika Tourmaline Curler, wrap the hair around the barrel (beginning several inches away from the scalp) and hold for 30 sec
Tip: The more loosely
you wrap the hair, the looser the curls.

4. Continue this process, keeping the curls in the same direction.

5. Finish with Obliphica Shine Spray and Curl Defining Creme

Hair Length: Medium

How To:
1. Do a "messy part" down the center of your head.

2. Using your 100% Ceramic Amika Styler, flip-out the ends of 1" sections that frame the face on either sides of the parted hair.

3. For the rest of the hair, grab 1-2" sections and wrap the hair (beginning about half-way down the strand) around the sty
ler's plate 360 degrees. Slowly pull in a downward motion until the curl is free from the styler.

4. Holding the curl at the end of the strand, lightly shake to loosen. Let the curl fall into it's lighter shape.

5. Continue this process by grabbing 1-2" sections of hair and repeating these steps.

6. Finish the look with a light mist of Obliphica Shine Spray

Hair Length: Long

How To:
1. Center-part your hair.

2. Using a large-barreled curling iron, preferably the Amika 25mm Tourmaline Curler, grab a 2-3" section of hair, beginning several inches from the root, and wrap around the curler.
Tip: Try to wrap the hair tightly around the barrel, to achieve tighter, more defined curls.

3. Once the curl is released, hold the end of the strand, and lightly shake it. This will loosen the curl enough to keep it's overall style and shape, but more elongated.

4. Continue this process, changing direction of the curls.
Tip: Do this by wrapping the hair (around the curler) in the opposite direction from which you began.

5. Finish with Obliphica Serum Treatment and hairspray.