Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Recap: Emmy Awards 2010


Hair Length: Short
How To:
1. Part hair to whichever side you find most comfortable.

2. Using your Amika 100% Ceramic Styler, grab a 1-2" section of hair and place the styler near the root of the hair.

3. Slowly pull the styler in a downward motion. As you reach the end of the hair, begin rotating the styler 180 degrees. This will pull the hair up slightly, creating a large flip at the bottom portion of the hair.
Tip: This style works really well with layered hair, which we recommend that you flip out all of the layers that fall to ear-length or below.

4. Continue this process until hair is completely flipped up at the ends.
Tip: To replicate Claire's look even further, take one of the front sections of hair and use your styler to curl the bottom portion. If you look closely at the left side of Claire's hair, you will see that the front portion curls slightly.. which adds a bit of imperfection and naturalness.

5. Finish with Obliphica Shine Spray.

Hair Length: Medium
How To:
1. Part hair down the center.

2. Take 2" pieces on either side of the part (the ones that will frame your face) and use your Amika 100% Ceramic Styler to flip out the ends (ever so slightly! You don't want a large flip for this look..)

3. Repeat this same process using 1-2" sections of hair and slightly flipping hair inward and outward.
Tip: It is best to randomly select pieces to flip inward and outward, because the look is casual and imperfect.

4. Once the ends of your hair have been completely curled, gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen the flip (so it doesn't look drastic or harsh).
Tip: To get volume like Jayma's, backcomb the top portion of hair (that is not parted) and hairspray in place.

5. Finish with Obliphica Shine Spray.

Hair Length: Long
How To:
1. Part hair to whichever side you feel most comfortable with.

2. Grab a 3-4" section of hair on whichever side you have parted it on.

3. Using your Amika 100% Ceramic Styler, create a giant wave by placing the styler 2" from the root, rotating 360-degrees, and slightly pulling in a downward motion.
Tip: If the "wave" you created isn't as loose as you'd like.. simply grab the section of hair by the tip and lightly shake it for a few seconds. This will loosen the wave without loosing its shape.

4. Repeat this same step for the section of hair on the other side of the part.

5. The rest of the hair should be straightened using the Amika styler, but slightly flipped at the ends.
Tip: To keep hair looking casual and tousled like Padma's, flip some ends inward, and others outward, to give variety and volume.

6. Once you have finished flipping the hair's ends, gently run your fingers through the hair to loosen the front waves and flipped ends.

7. To keep curls in place, add Obliphica Curl Defining Creme to the front sections of hair.

8. Finish with Obliphica Shine Serum.