Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair Recap: The Emmy Awards 2010


Hair Length: Short
Copycat: Dianna Agron
How To:
1. Pull and comb hair completely back away from your face.

2. Take the front portion of your hair (about 2" wide of the hair that surrounds your face and forehead) and backcomb to add volume to your roots.

3. Carefully bring back the section that was just backcombed so that the hair falls away from your face, but rests slightly higher that the rest of the hair that is pulled back.
Tip: To create a look more similar to Dianna's, once you've combed back the volumized hair.. carefully run your fingers through it to give it that piecy, textured look.

4. Secure the back of the hair with pins, or your favorite hair clips, in any way you wish.
Tip: This look is not meant to be perfect, so a few clips or a small secured bun are just a few of the many options you can try.

5. Hairspray into place and finish with a spritz of Obliphica Shine Spray.

Hair Length: Medium
Copycat: Eva Longoria Parker
How To:
1. Style your hair so that it is full of loose waves.

2. Part your hair to whichever side you find most comfortable.

3. Following the direction that the hair falls (each side should fall away from the part), carefully pull hair backward being mindful of maintaining some of the curl's shape.
Tip: Although the hair is being pulled back, remember to keep it loose! This is a relaxed, elegant look, and should look carefree but well maintained.

4. Secure hair however you wish (via hair clips, pins, etc.). We suggest a loose bun, because it complements the look nicely.

5. Whichever direction your parted hair falls the most, grab that front section and gently run your fingers through it, lifting upward. This should lightly separate the strands while adding volume.

6. Let the front section of hair you just volumized fall naturally before you pull back to hairspray.

7. Spray the rest of the hair lightly with hairspray and finish with Obliphica Shine Spray.

Hair Length: Long
How To:
1. Using your Amika Tourmaline Curler, curl the ends of your hair so that there is a small spiral near the tips.

2. Hold the tip of the hair, and shake. This should loosen the curl so that it keeps its shape but just slightly looser.

3. Part hair to whichever side you find most comfortable.

4. Whichever direction (the majority of) your hair now falls, pull it to the opposite side and secure at the base of the neck.
Tip: Don't worry if your front layers can not be pulled back, the hair should not be slicked back, but lightly pulled to one side and secured.

5. Allow the curls to cascade from the secured ponytail and enhance them with Obliphica Curling Creme.

6. Complete the look with Obliphica Shine Spray.