Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Hair How-Tos

A lot (most?) of the fun of Halloween is getting ready!  Here are a few of our favorite costumes that incorporate a killer hairstyle along with some tips on how to get the look!

Short Hair


A twenties beauty look is always glam. 

Rose Cordero in Tush Magazine

Flapper How-to:
Create finger waves in your hair by first saturating it with amika Obliphica Curl Defining Cream. The curl cream will allow you to sculpt the curl pattern into your hair and add high shine. Part hair at the side. Take a comb and guide it through the product-soaked-hair to create a C pattern in one direction.  Then create another C in the opposite direction directly under the first. Continue through the rest of your hair. There are a lot of videos on youtube demonstrating how to create a true finger wave. These are worth watching because a demo is worth a thousand words. Or if you'd rather fake it buy a marcel wave shaped hair clip from Collette Mallouf.

Medium Length Hair


Marilyn Monroe is a great go to Halloween costume but we expect to see more Marilyn's than ever this year with the release of My Week with Marilyn staring Michelle Williams as the icon.

Marilyn How-to:
Take a section of hair, spritz it with the amika 2-in-1 Volumizing Spray and wrap it around the barrel of the amika 19mm Tourmaline Curler up to the root. Hold for one minute and release. Starting from the bottom roll the curl back up to the root as if it were on an invisible roller. Pin the curl into place to cool.

Once the curls have cooled take them down and lightly brush them out. Back comb the hair at the crown to build volume. Carefully sculpt the hair over the teased base into Marilyn's trademark waves. Don't forget the swoop at one side!

Long Hair


This buxom late night TV hostess makes a great costume. There are plenty of Elvira wigs on the market but if you have the right kind of hair (i.e. waist length, thick + jet black) to pull off an Elvira 'do, it can be really fun to recreate

Elvira How-to:
Start out by straightening your locks with the amika 100% Ceramic Styler. To create Elvira's super tall beehive it helps to make your own hair piece. Believe it or not you can create your own hair piece using a netted bath sponge and hair extensions. Wrap the extensions around the net sponge and then cover both in a small hair net. Make a bun with a small section at the crown of your head and pin the hair piece to the bun. You can slide a long bobby pin right into the net of the sponge and lock it into place against the scalp. Add as many pins as you need to feel secure. Part your hair at the center. From one side of the part, take a section in front of the hair piece leaving some fringe free at the hair line. Brush that section up and pull it over the hair piece and pin it to the bottom of the opposite side with a small bobby pin. Repeat on the other side. Then take a section of hair in front of the hair piece and pin it into the back of the hair piece at the opposite side. This should conceal the hair piece and create the super tall beehive look. Brush the two pieces remaining at the hairline to the side accentuating the center part. Your campy Elvira look is done!

We will post some more Halloween Hair how-tos next week, check back! Let us know if you want a hair How-to on another Halloween costume you have planned, just comment below!