Friday, July 27, 2012

Obliphica Hair Treatment in Birchbox

The Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment is on Birchbox’s list of 5 Whiff-Worthy Natural Hair Products to Treat Your Nose To!
“Finally, an oil that doesn’t make your hair oily! This product is a de-frizz wiz and is known for charming even the most hard-to-please noses.”

What is it that you really love about your favorite hair products? First and foremost of course is the fact that, it works and it works well for your specific hair type, texture, lifestyle, etc. But you have to admit, the smell plays a huge part in whether or not you keep coming back for more! It makes sense when you consider the fact that the smell of the products you use, will to an extent dictate how you yourself smell. (No one wants to smell like petroleum and chemicals!) That being said, Birchbox honed in on this concept for their July box and put together a collection of products that “please the 5 senses.” The Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment was dubbed “whiff-worthy.” If you’re looking to look good, and smell even better, you can find the Obliphica Oil Hair Treatment here!