Friday, August 10, 2012

Hair Trauma

Why must we take out our relationship woes out on our hair?! We’ve all been there, it’s our hair that really suffers after a rough break-up or some other equally traumatizing life event that leaves us desperate for “a change.” You can probably name more than a few friends who have chopped off their hair or gone from brunette to blonde for this very reason, and are left to regret their rash decisions and complain mercilessly about it soon after. It doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to revamp your look when you “just need something new” that won’t end in a what-was-I-thinking moment or damage your hair in the process. I’m sure one of these 3 methods will suffice…

1) Re-part: That’s right, once you and your significant other part, you must “re-part.” Do you always part your hair the same way? (A lot of people do.) You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference it will make to flip your side part from the left to the right, go straight down the center, or dare we say… no part! It almost seems TOO simple, but think of it like this, your hair is like a picture frame for your face. Try on a new frame.

2) Honey, it’s OK: Put down the bleach! Not that there is anything wrong with choosing to bleach your hair, but once you’ve done it, there is no coming back (chemically anyway). So if you aren’t totally sure about how bleached you want to be, go into your kitchen and grab the honey. Yep, honey has a naturally high concentration of peroxide, meaning you can actually use it to lighten your hair! The process does take some time, but you will gradually see your hair getting lighter after a few honey applications. Here’s a how to video from AndreasChoice, she’s mastered the technique!

3) Chalk It Up:  Before deciding to D(ye).I.Y. which will most likely result in a patchy dye job and stained bathtub, try this quick fix for adding new color to your do. Hair chalking videos have been popping up all over the web of late and yes it is exactly what it sounds like. Chalk rubs off pretty easily onto damp hair, so pick your favorite pastel colors and get creative! Simply wash it out when your done :) There is a right way to do it, kandeejohnson shows us how it’s done.
All together now: Lets stop, breathe, calm down… and go have a nice long deep-condition. Our hair deserves it!
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