Thursday, September 27, 2012

Curled Bun Tutorial

This is our take on the Messy Bun, which can be achieved at home, without the help of a professional stylist! Get this look for a classy up-do in just 5 easy steps:

Curl. Start off by prepping your hair. Apply Amika Obliphica Heat Defense Serum from root to tip for a light-weight layer of heat protection. You're going to be creating semi-tight spiral curls. Do so by wrapping 1-inch strands evenly around the barrel of the 4P Styler and holding for approx. 10 seconds, making sure to curl the ends.

Bun. Once you've curled your entire head use your fingers to lightly comb through and separate the curls. Pull your hair to the back, gently twist your hair around and begin forming a bun in the center back of your head.  Adjust as you like, and grab some bobby-pins. 

Pin. Insert your bobby-pins as needed to hold your bun in place. The bun should appear somewhat loose, but be secure enough to stay in place. 

Perfect. Take any loose stands from the front of your hair and pin those back as well. 

Hold. Lightly spritz with amika Touchable Harspray for a light-hold and a smooth finished look.  

And there you have it. You're ready to conquer all of your fabulous endeavors!