Friday, September 28, 2012

Undone is the new "Done-Up"

"Shhh please, with your silly little questions," was exactly what I thought when someone had the nerve to ask me, "Why do you do your hair, just to make it look like you didn't do your hair?" ...If you, like myself, neurotically followed all the runway looks from NYFW SP'13, the answer is no doubt quite obvious. Undone is the new done-up! 
Natural seemingly effortless hair flowed all over the runways at NYFW. There was clearly a lot of thought behind these undone tresses, all inspired by the concept that "less is more." Many of the looks seemed as though they didn't even require a tool to style... blasphemous, I know! Finger combing, natural texture, fly-aways, and (dare we say) even a bit of frizz were fully embraced at the latest edition of NYFW!

And no this adorable head scarf is not just Lindsey Wixton's way of looking chic while getting her pre-runway primp on, this was the actual runway look for Marc by Marc Jacobs SP'13. Talk about, "Oh I just threw myself together (and ended up looking fabulous), no big deal."

xo Q!

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