Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get "Your Body" like Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera almost made me late for work this morning! All be it not on purpose, of course :) I just couldn't tear myself away from the TV screen when the video for her new song "Your Body" was playing. Christina's "knocking-off" men in this video and looking fabulous while doing it! There's been a bit of buzz around Christina's hair ever since she took a dip in the dye a couple of months ago, but her colorful twists on retro curls and killer braids put this video on a whole other level! So this early morning burst of hair inspiration got us thinking... Hey, we can do that!

Christina's definitely got plenty of body going on in this video ;) her voluminous curly bob is one of our favorite looks. The only things that's tricky about recreating these curls, as you may have noticed, is that they're not all the same size. It makes sense when you think about it, the curls on the top of her head are bigger to add more volume, but become tighter and more defined toward the ends of her hair. We've got the necessary tools in our arsenal for this technique!

Get The Look: 
If you want the full on look, lavender color and all, we've got plenty of tips on hair color in our "Getting Colorific" post. Otherwise always start by applying a Heat Defense Serum. A good spritz of  Blow-Up Spray will add volume and texture. For creating the "big to small curls" the 5P Interchangeable Barrel Curler makes it easy to get curls from 19-32mm, with just one tool! Use a larger barrel at the top of the head, then create more defined curls towards the ends using a smaller barrel. 

If your hair is longer than bob length, try a "fob" (faux-bob). Add some tight curls to the lower back portion of your hair, then pin up the excess length to create the illusion of shorter hair. The hidden curls add volume. 

Watch Christina's video for "Your Body" and tell us which of her amazing hairstyles you're dying to try! 

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