Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Hair: "Wigging Out"

The reasons why wigs are such a Halloween hair staple is because you can find them in all lengths textures/colors, and if you can't find what you're looking for you can style a wig into whatever you want it to be! Yes, wigs can be somewhat intimidating if Halloween is the only time during the year when you actually wear one. As long as you know a few simply tricks for wearing it correctly, a wig can be the easiest way to completely change your hair without actually changing your hair.

1. Before you even put on your wig, prep your hair, so it's as flat to your actual head as possible. The best method is to wrap your hair, but braids or a pony (all depending on how much hair you have) can also work.

2. The most important thing about wearing a wig has to be, do NOT skip the stocking cap! It might not be the most glamorous looking thing before you actually put your wig on, but it does wonders for ensuring no rogue hairs escape form under your wig.

3. Lastly, those little combs and elastic bands hidden on the inside of the wig are there for a reason. Use them to keep your wig secured and in place. Loosing your wig, is NEVER a cute look.

Overall your goal is to not let your wig end up looking like Lindsey Wixson's does here. Having two hairlines tends to ruin the illusion :)