Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hair Accessories: Not Just For Kids!

Okay, I admit it- I am absolutely TERRIBLE at styling my own hair. To make up for this, I usually lather some Pure Oil into my hair (which smells heavenly by the way,) tie it into some kind of messy bun/nest, and then throw in some barrettes, butterfly clips, or a big black bow and I'm out the door. And then I let the hair compliments rollll on in.

You see, hair accessories aren't just for kids anymore. There are some great hair accessories out there: so many clips, barrettes, bows, studs, and even tiaras that will make you look like a fun-loving and fully-functioning hair-aware adult. Albeit a quirky adult, but it's always better to stand out than to blend in, right? Right.

I've compiled some of my favorites here:

1. The Barrette
Oversized Barrette, Cynthia Rowley, $35

C. Rowley is one of my favorite designers/people (honestly, she's the sweetest!) and just recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to collab with her on one of our stylers. In addition to designing captivating prints and architecturally beautiful dresses, Cynthia presents to us larger than life barrettes. If these aren't chic, I don't really know what is.

2. The Printed Bow

Fire Hair Bow, Hell Cat Punks, $38 

This bow is a great way to let people know you're tough but you still have a sweet girly side. I would wear this bow with my ripped Immortal tee shirt, a long black maxi skirt and some Doc's. That's just me though. And I probably wouldn't wear it into the pit because it's just too cute to get ruined!

3. The Natural Bow
Petit Bow, Amika, $12.95

The subtle and chic hair-textured hair bow à la Gaga. What can we say? We love the look so much we decided to make our own. Also, if you want to go big, the mega bow might be just what you're looking for.

4. The Bobby Pins

Gum Bobbies, Glitterlimes, $16

I know we've all been there- chewing gum stuck in your hair. Peanut butter, anyone? WD-40? What a nightmare! But Debbie Tuch from Glitterlimes has turned this menacing experience into something cute and couture. It's real gum coated in glitter resin. Debbie calls them "reminiscent of what you might find in a fairy tale set in the future. (Also, Lady Gaga is a fan.)

5. The Ribbon

Black hair ribbon, image taken from Pinterest

The ribbon is a perfect way to dress up any hair style without trying all that hard. So simple and so inexpensive, and so much variety! Go to your local craft store and get creative. Or you can browse on for inspiration.

6. The Cat Hat

Caterina, Eugenia Kim, $240

Yes, this is a real thing and it's the purrrfect little beret for for fall. Guaranteed "Oh my god, where did you get that hat? I love it!" at least 6-8 times each time you wear it.

7. The Scrunchie
Shiny Scrunchie in Lamé Gold, American Apparel, $6

The 90's are in, it's fact, and slowly but surely, scrunchies are making a comeback. I am most certainly sporting a scrunchie on the weekends as I am rummaging through thrift stores or shopping at the local farmers' market or attending shows in Williamsburg. I think it's a bold look and a great way to dress up your average ponytail. Easier than ordering take-out.

8. The Tiara
Sweeping Circles Headband, Anthropologie, $32

And what better way to feel like a princess than to wear a tiara-inspired headpiece? You can wear this one by Anthro to work, a date, an art show, or while you take a long, luxurious bubble bath. You deserve it.

And just remember- Confidence is KEY. xoxox Al