Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashion Week S/S'13 Hair Trends

 It doesn't matter if you are sitting front row, styling hair backstage, walking the runway, or watching live on the internet, all fashion lovers ravenously consume all of the newest fashions during fashion week. It's a lot to digest, we know! But we've followed all the major fashion weeks (NYC, London, Milan, and Paris) and have compiled a list of the trends that we'll be seeing next season. And in our favorite fashionable category of course, hair!

Natural Texture 

Rebecca Minkoff
First for a reason, this is not only a trend but somewhat of a theme that seemed to encompass/inspire many of the other trends we saw on this seasons runways. We touched upon this concept in our post "Undone is the new Done-Up." What this trend is showing us is that hair doesn't need to be over-styled to look good, less can be more. Go ahead and let it get a bit wavy, let your ends curl a little. Embrace a bit of frizz and a few wispy fly-aways can be quite sexy. This is probably one of the easiest trends to rock, just let your hair air-dry and use your fingers to comb through some of your favorite styling product.

Side Parts
Michael Kors
Diane von Furstenberg
No wonder side parts were all over the runway this season, it happens to be one of the most flattering frames for all face shapes. Wear this simple accent with just about any hair style and instantly elevate the level of interest of your look. If every hairstyle could be summed up in one word, the side part would be like adding on a perfectly placed accent mark, there's just something about it that exudes an air of romantic elegance.

Center Parts 
Stella McCartney
Now that we think about it, there may be a toss up between "Side Parts" and "Center Parts" for the biggest trend of the S/S'13 season. Ironically it's a battle between symmetry and asymmetry! Does it not seem that the center part makes a comeback every other decade? It epitomized the hippie-chic of the 70s, was a staple for the sugary-sweet 90's pop starlette, and here we are in 2010's and the center part is back with a vengeance! This trend is certainly inspired by the more natural/effortless theme that seemed to encompass all the hair trends on the runway this season. And if you pull it back in a pony... well, it doesn't get much easier than that!

Side-Swept Bangs 
Marc Jacobs

The blunt bang has been pushed to the side--literally. Side-swept bangs were one of the biggest trends to hit the runways this season. There were two distinctly different variations on this trend. One is a more traditional take on the side bangs, elegantly swept across the forehead. The other being an edgier sleeker look for which the hair is slicked completely to one side of the head. Don't have bangs? No worries! The great thing about this trend is you don't actually need bangs to pull it off. Often the hair is just styled to mimic the look of actual bangs.

Slicked Back 
Alberta Ferretti
Nanette Lepore
This trend is for the person who doesn't like to hide behind their hair. As a hair style it is the epitome of bold confidence because you're pushing all your hair back and really putting emphasis on your face and bone structure. The ultra-shiny rendition of this look was accompanied by a more voluminous, but just as sleek, version that included a low quiff. Make sure to stock up on hair gel before next season gets here!

Head Scarves 
Diane von Furstenberg
All we have to say is THANK GOODNESS our go-to lazy day hair-do, the top-knot, is still on trend for next season! But it's been seriously upgraded with the edition of the head scarf. There are only so many ways you can wear a top-knot, but the edition of the head scarf makes this look totally customizable! So many different colors and prints, not to mention there are a slew of ways to go about wrapping your scarf to achieve an eclectic bunch of looks. And by no means is this look synonymous with the top-knot, it works just as well with your hair down. Honestly though, who saw this one coming... it just screams, ultra-cool.

Pops of Color 
Anna Sui
Vivienne Westwood
Hands down the most fun of all the trends we saw on the runway this season! We do recall a few scoffs when Kelly Osbourne revealed her lavender locks a while ago, well she's off somewhere saying "I told you so" this season. One of the most talked about shows of S/S'13 was Vivienne Westwood, who took retro hairdos and powdered them pastel. Anna Sui went neon, and model Chloe Noraggard's bold look during the Nicole Miller show turned out to be the most talked about hair of NYFW. The great thing about this trend is you can play with any shade you like, go hyper pigmented, or keep it subtle; you can't go wrong!

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