Monday, October 1, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier is soo 80's

The models in Jean Paul Gaultire's S/S'13 show may have been walking forward down the runway, but their fashions were a step backwards in time. Gaultier's entire collection was a nod to the 80's and some of its most infamous fashion icons. It's quite the clever idea, don't you think? Gaultier, no doubt had a field day creating a collection that includes everything from menswear  to electric blue bikini bottoms! And is it just me, or does this entire concept not seem like a delightfully subversive act from the designer who knows how to take a cliche like, "O that's sooo last season," and turn it on it's head?! JP never disappoints. Can you guess the who's-who of 80's celeb fashion icons that inspired this collection?!

This is just a taste, check out Jean Paul's 80's extravaganza in its entirety here!

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